Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Politically correct

I used to hate the term 'politics'. I would decry the fact that I just 'didn't do politics' every single time someone tried to help me see that there was a smarter way to get what I wanted done done.

Age and experience seems to have somewhat mellowed me, though.

It seems that I needed to learn that ramming your head against a brick wall isn't always the way to go if you want to get to the other side of that wall. If you turn slightly, you might just find that the brick wall is finite and you can go around it. You get to your goal and you don't need stitches. Makes life just that much better.

Bit of life advice from someone at the rather sage age of 26 here :)

So when I came across this, I realised I had happened upon one of the smarter and deeper lists of wisdom around.

Well worth a look...and an application I think...to so many facets of life.

To me, it's something that I can apply to management - as I'm really not a believer in forcing people to do things. In the end, you see, you *can't* force a human being to think and that's really the most important facet of what anyone does in any job - be it manual or conceptual.

'Politics', to me then, is a somewhat redefined term. It just means getting to the end goal (a good, worthwhile, virtuous...you name it...end goal) with the full realisation that getting anything significant done in life means getting other human beings involved, engaged, motivated and incentivised to help you out. Doesn't need to be anything shady or slimy to it. Understanding human psychology, in fact, and applying that knowledge just makes the journey to that goal smoother for everyone.

*leans back in a large, black leather chair...stroking a persian cat and smoking a cigar*

Yep. That was a most satisfying thinkling.

Now, back to work.


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