Thursday, February 24, 2005


Anyone who knows me personally or who has read this blog for a while probably won't find it too much of a shock to know that I'm going to stop blogging.

After baring my soul online to all and sundry for ... how long has it been now, 10 months? ... I've decided that I've really had quite enough - as is well evidenced by the dearth of posts in the last month. For varying reasons, I just don't have the desire to continue Th'inkwell anymore.

Will I be back? I really don't think so.

Did I enjoy it? Yes.

What did it bring me? Something unbelieveably precious and a wealth of friends that I would have otherwise never met.

What did I learn? How to write unselfconsciously.

What will I be doing with my life from now on? I will be embarking on new adventures that you'll all just have to imagine.

Will I miss this? Occasionally, I think I'll see or hear something that I will be tempted to share with the world. The temptation will pass.

What is my parting pearl of wisdom? That we spend our lives choosing goals and chasing them. Sometimes they're the right goals, sometimes they're the wrong ones. Maturity is unabashedly admitting when you were wrong and changing course if needs be. Life is too brutally short and wondrously beautiful to do anything else.

Best wishes to all my regular readers for the future - may you always obtain what you desire.


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