Saturday, December 11, 2004

What were they thinking?

I love finding strange things on my computer when hunting for more mundane things.

This time, I was looking for some photographs and I came across something I took at IKEA months ago. I really need to get myself a phone with an in-built camera. Life is just so sweetly ludicrous sometimes.

Anyway, the woodland scene cum children's bedroom...

It's as if we've caught these animals in a moment of self-discovery.

Imagine it - a quiet forest somewhere, a lovely dappled glade, no sound but the breeze through the trees and a gentle rustle steadily becoming louder.

Suddenly - out of nowhere - a team of marketing trolls leaps upon the innocent animals in the glade and affixes cheap, fluffy nylon tails to their behinds.

We see them in the first moment of realisation that something isn't Quite Right.

I'm honestly just glad that we can't see the faces that the creatures on the curtain are making:

I just want to know how it got past management.


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