Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Stitches in Time - Introduction

People often ask me what I do professionally. The answer is - I was in HR and no longer work there. Inevitably, I'm asked why I left and it's sometimes hard to fully explain the extent to which logic and rationality are missing from HR departments.

The reason I left HR was that I have definite ideas about HR's role in a company - and I don't think that that role is as the joy-killing thought police. One of the important roles of HR is in hiring, an area that is one of the most neglected in every company I have ever worked in.

So today, when looking for another document on my computer, I came across something I wrote when I was at my last contract. Something I had been trying to say and to implement there and which was routinely ignored.

It's in three parts as it was essentially an essay that I wrote on a longish train journey north to try and mitigate the fact that no-one seemed to be listening to me. I also wanted to clarify my thoughts and essentialise my experience in the field of slotting people into jobs. Either way, I had a need to write it down - a precursor to blogging, methinks.

I thought I would share it with you - who knows, you may learn something interesting.


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