Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Sewing it all together

I've done something rather unusual today and posted a really (really) long essay.

Here are the links to each individual section, I do recommend reading the Introduction first so that you have some idea of what the hell I'm blathering about.

Stitches in Time - Introduction
Stitches in Time - PART I
Stitches in Time - PART II
Stitches in Time - PART III


UPDATE - There have been a couple of comments about my statement that the interview is solely for the benefit of the employer, not the employee.

I've thought about it and both of you are absolutely right - it's there for both parties. I guess I was working in places that were so very PC and afraid of interviewees claiming an unfair process (Yes, it happens - especially in government. You then need to conduct a full investigation and audit of each step in the hire.) that there was a definite slant toward the interview being there to appease all interviewee expectations at the sacrifice of it's usability to the employer.

As I said - it was written a while ago and was in reaction to severe frustration at work.

Thanks for pointing out my error guys - much appreciated.


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