Tuesday, December 07, 2004

A reminder

It's no secret that I love Jack Vettriano's art and no secret that only a handful of things are keeping me living in London - the accessibility of great art, of educational gallery talks and other presentations, work/business opportunties, the proximity to Europe and the ability to mix with some truly exceptional people (thank you again, Perry, for the lovely Christmas party).

And so emails from C with cultural events are always welcome in moments when I am trying to remember what the hell I'm doing here on these grey, grey not-quite-proper-winter-but-chilly-and-nasty days.

So -

Jack Vettriano will be signing copies of Anthony Quinn's 'Jack Vettriano', which is essentially a book that will supersede the excellent 'Lovers and Other Strangers'. His eminence will be at the Pan Bookshop in Chelsea, London on the 9th of December at 7.30pm for anyone wishing to purchase a copy and have it signed.

Merry Christmas to me :)


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