Sunday, November 28, 2004

Sooper dooper secret

Just outside my tube station for the last week:


'Covert' - "Not openly practiced, avowed, engaged in, accumulated, or shown" - according to which seems to be staffed by more intelligent people than my local Met bureau.

In these politically correct times, I wouldn't be surprised if every known criminal also got a letter in the mail. The letter, of course, would be written in non-confrontational language especially pitched to the target demographic. Something like:

"Deer Kriminal,

I is riting 2 tell youse that we r currantly undagoing a ongoing criminal catchment proces in yor area. Therez no were 2 hide - exept, u no - where there iz no signs like.


Detective Inspector Dibble"


Why do we even pretend that the police try to catch criminals nowadays?


Update: What better time to introduce a new link on my sidebar - one that should have been included long ago, since M and I have both been visiting his site daily for quite a while.

If you snorted with indignant laughter (or any other kind of laughter, I'm not fussy) at the above photograph, then you'll certainly enjoy what The Policeman's Blog has to say about the daily realities of policing in the UK.

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