Friday, November 05, 2004

Meditate this

Tolerance is most definitely a two way street. I don't think some Islamists have quite got the hang of it yet. We'll tolerate your poor fashion sense, you tolerate others doing things you don't like...such as meditating, for example.

Today, Muslim extremists* again attacked a Buddhist temple in Thailand, this time killing one of the soldiers stationed to protect it.

A Buddhist temple.

When was the last time you saw a Buddhist with an uzi? A Buddhist's idea of an aggressive recruitment drive is to get a few orange-bedecked friends together with a tambourine and a drum to meander down a main street, chanting. Sometimes the REALLY zealous ones will opt for a megaphone. One hell of a pressure sales tactic for you. Real soul-snatchers and virgin-tempters, those monks.

Honestly, if Muslim extremists want to attack competing nutty cults to gain market share, why not go for the ones with a big budget, with glitzy ads, with serious ideas of world domination?

Why not march into Scientology's Celebrity Centre for a little you-audit-me-I-behead-you fun?

Because Scientologists have lawyers. Because Scienos - out of touch with our reality though they are - don't take shit from anyone. That's why.

I'd wager that the day after any attacks on Scientologists or Scientology's interests there would no longer *be* a Middle East...just a large, slightly smoky, very new lake and a lawsuit that would make the recent tobacco-company-hunts seem like searches for loose change behind the sofa.

Perhaps Tom Cruise should run for President.


* Not yet entirely confirmed. Could have been REALLY annoyed beggars with AK's. You never know.

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