Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Emperor's New Committee

The funny thing about international organisations like the UN is that they rely on the global equivalent of the polite society's unwritten rule set to keep their power and influence. If their struggles for that power weren't so damned annoying, I would consider them cute.

By 'funny' and 'cute' I mean the same kind of cute that a pink satin bow on the ear of a dog mauling your foot would be cute. (And funny as in the noise it would make after your baseball bat connected with it) .

Essentially, the UN is only significant if enough influential world governments decide that it's significant. Like the unpopular kid at school tagging along after the fashionable group ('in' the crowd because he's temporarily tolerated), one slip up and he's back to eating lunch alone. I've a feeling that not supporting the US and Britain in the recent war was the UN's latest - and, hopefully, fatal - slip-up.

When some of the most powerful governments in the world turn their backs on the yipping and snorting 'resolutions' that the UN passes, it really signals the beginning of the end of anyone else taking the whole body seriously. Which is why this makes me smile and tingle slightly in the Retributive Justice Gland. (Thanks for the post Sherry...it felt so good...)

It seems that the UN doesn't like countries ignoring the UN. The UN is, apparently, in a huff over this whole issue and will stomp it's foot rather savagely if certain people don't turn around right now and start to listen again. The UN is serious on this one, folks. Angry memos will start to fly if there is no immediate satisfaction. A bureaurat* may even use an exclamation mark in a press release. Tremble.

(*The 'c' is missing for a reason.)

Not that anyone who includes Communist China in their Security Council as well as Cuba and Iran amongst it's membership should be taken very seriously in the first place.

I suggest that the Anglosphere cancel their subcriptions of Kofi's Kultural Digest and move to form their own association, if one is so very necessary to ensure we don't run around killing each other haphazardly and clubbing baby seals for kicks on Japanese game shows. Then invite others to the party if they demonstrably hold similar enough views to be considered friends and allies.

It's a technique my father (a teacher) used when his school mandated that kicking individual troublemakers out of the class was 'unfair' and 'traumatic'. He left the individual troublemakers at their desks and moved the rest of the class to a neighbouring room. Sometimes you've just got to tweak the system a little to get the right thing done.


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