Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Overheard on the Tube recently:

Woman 1: "They're celebrating Eid at Thomas' school and I've got to make these biscuits..."

Woman 2: "What?"

Woman 1: "Eid"

Woman 2: "What's that?"

Woman 1: "Just some celebration or other...the kids have to make food and bring it in, it has to be vegetarian and...oh...all kinds of rules about it."

Woman 2: "Are you baking them tonight?"

Woman 1: "Mmmmm, I think so. Shouldn't be too bad, I've got the vegetable shortening and bits and pieces already."

Woman 2: "Don't you just love it when they do special things at school? They get so excited! What are they doing for Christmas this year?"

Woman 1: "Oh, nothing much...keeping it really low-key. You know...[whispers] the war and all..."

Eh? What? WHAT? Sweet jesus, woman, do you actually think before opening that trap of yours?

I suppose I shouldn't really be angry at her, she's probably never really stepped back to take a macro view of what's happening around her. This celebration of another culture's religious holiday whilst suppressing your culture's symbols must just seem like another natural extension of political correctness and multiculturalism. Another step forward. Another olive branch or appeasement or humble pulling back of the all-encompassing hegemony of Western thought in the West.

Whenever I see this kind of self-immolation, I tend to think of Edmund J. Pankau and one of his favorite phrases.

I saw him speak at a seminar once and we chatted for a while afterward. The man is very warm, friendly and gregarious in the way that only Texans can pull off with any impunity. On stage, he had spoken about fraud and fraud prevention, professional investigation techniques and tracing money flows across geographic and political boundaries - fascinating stuff. His expertise is in finding the rascals who pilfer large sums of cash and make a run for it, using the various tax havens and covers available to assist in wiping their trail clean.

When describing what it's like to be the victim of such crime, or what it's like to deal with dishonest, shady people, he employs one word incessantly: "B.O.H.I.C.A!" (pronounced 'bowheeka')

Smiling somewhat nastily, he explains what it stands for - "Bend Over, Here It Comes Again".


Those women have no idea, I'm sure, that they were being Bohica-ed (that word is such a natural part of my vocabulary nowadays...). By rights, they should have stormed down to the school and demanded that it either remove ALL religious references in teaching or, at the very least, refer to British culture's norms just as often as those of a foreign culture's.

This creeping spread of an incompatible foreign culture's memes in our schools and government institutions and simultaneous removal of all positive reinforcement of Western thought has got to stop before little Thomas grows up insisting that his wife walk two steps behind him and wear a veil.


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