Friday, October 15, 2004

Th' inkwell

Perhaps it's time I explained the name of the blog. It seems that every time I see it being linked to on blogrolls, it has a new name:

Th'ink well
Th' Inkwell

Quite natural, I suppose, considering the fact that it's in capital letters in the banner and it's a bit of a tricky one to start with.

This is actually the correct way of writing it in lower case:

Th' inkwell

Th' is ye olde englishe for 'the'.

The entire title is a play on words...

If you read it literally, with the olde englishe, it means 'the inkwell' - the object you can see on the right of the screen either beautifully ornamenting the page or completely screwing with the look of the page - depending on your screen size, browser, etc.

An inkwell is, of course, a tool for writers and a symbol of the written word. A blown glass inkwell and glass pen also happen to be two of my favorite posessions. Writing with the pen is just wonderful and the pleasure I obtain from using it generally translates into the kind of writing I love.

If you read the title out loud, however, you can hear 'think well' - which is what I'd surreptitiously love to help people to do in the posts where I delve into philosophy, politics and general world-class navel gazing.


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