Monday, October 18, 2004

Surrender monkeys unite!

Yes, well, this isn't usually a 'looky here!' reactionary blog as I tend to do far too much one-liner sniping in my day-to-day life as it is, but I couldn't resist this one.

I somehow came across this bunch of complete lunatics on my perusal of the web today. I could possibly forgive them for their stupidity as most seem to be angry-sky-god worshippers in their spare time, but really people - this doesn't just take the cake - it takes it, burns it, crumbles it, mixes it with excrement and smears it on the face of the family of anyone who has been kidnapped and beheaded over the last x months.

Wishing for 'world peace' is lovely, as is wishing for a new Ferrari or for Michael Moore to just go away. Something very important to impart here is that wishing for something does almost as much* as praying for it - naught.

Obtaining a Ferrari requires either hard work or long legs and the ability to lie through your teeth when saying the words 'I do' to someone with a trust fund. Dispatching the world of Michael Moore requires rigorous thinking, unwavering correction of his misapplied 'facts' and a triple-chocolate-chocolate-chip muffin spiked with Bromethalin.**

And world peace requires the willingness and the ability to defend oneself if some sand-burrowing religious fundamentalist bastard decides that the world, in turn, would be better off without you. 'Peace' means lack of overt conflict, not one side rolling over to expose a belly as yellow as a spring chicken. Simply touting 'world peace' on little cardboard signs in the hope of appeasing said bastard won't do anything at all - it'll simply send the message that you're completely ready to be bundled up in primitive robes and to have all of your freedoms taken away in the name of Angry Sky God Allah.

What I think these people don't realise is that morally surrendering to what is undeniably a ruthless and bloody campaign of terror is not a Good Thing. These people aren't like your priests - they don't just hand out Hail Marys or deep thought as penance for your sins - they will sanction the mutilation or murder of you or your family for any transgression against their entirely arbitrary and useless moral code.*** These are Bad People, not just brothers-in-spirit who happen to have dark beards.

Anyway, take a good look at these people**** and join me in thinking that without state help, Darwinism would have taken them far, far earlier due to sheer stupidity.


* Praying for something actually does a little more than wishing. VERY little more - it gives you kudos with the shaman of your particular denomination.

** I'm not suggesting anything of the like be attempted. It would be immoral, unpardonable and would pose the world (once again) with this kind of problem.

*** A little like your arbitrary and useless moral code but stricter and with more provision for keeping your woman in line.

**** Not too good a look, you may go blind.


Update: It seems that the trend to wave around silly placards to appease the "Iraquis" has spread to the right. We must stop this meme before it starts being a subject in the new school curriculum: 'Surrendery 101'

Hat tip to the ever vigilant VodkaPundit

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