Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Running commentary

You will notice two sets of comments on this site. This is not an accident. Really.

I have a plan.

Enetation was giving me some trouble as well as being blocked at M's workplace. It is not a good thing for a husband to be annoyed at the blog for any reason - especially since the blog vortex seems to take up so much of his wife's time already.

I also wanted to implement trackback because...it seemed like a good idea (I'm full of these today, aren't I?)

I have decided to leave Enetationon for a while longer so that some of the wonderful comments I've received don't just vaporize. I'd ask you, though, NOT TO USE THE REGULAR COMMENT AREA ANYMORE.

Please use the 'Thinklings' instead. Because they're cuter. And because it's the WAY FORWARD. I'd throw a swooshy logo on but I just don't have the skill.


Please only use comment system below


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