Tuesday, October 26, 2004

R & R

M took a day off yesterday and, as is the tradition when he does things like that, I packed a picnic and we walked to the lake.

The heath-like area we walk through to get to the lake was beautiful in a sparse way, when nature repeats patterns that are pleasing to the human eye. Dry, wheat-coloured grass shimmied in the wind and every stalk arched in the same direction, giving the illusion of a thousand stationary ripples, clumps of hair brushed by the breeze. Below the waving dry stalks was a still-lush dark green grass, only visible when underfoot. The illusion was one of walking on an ever-shifting green oasis in amongst a sea of parched straw.

We sat down at our favorite bluff and unpacked hot scrambled eggs and bacon, french bread and cheese, juice and steaming Model-Tea (you can have it any way you like, as long as it's white with sugar) from the thermos. We ate and talked, we observed geese honking and flying overhead - wisely leaving the country for warmer climes in the winter.

I noticed the way the light coloured Matthew's hair, made it so much brighter than normal. I've always loved the colour of his hair - every individual strand is a different colour...white, ash, yellow, copper, brown, black...and they come together to create the most extraordinarly rich auburn hair I've ever seen.

Beginning to feel the bite of the wind, we retreated to the more sheltered forrest area where phase two of gorging ourselves on sweeter things took place.

Matthew selected a likely spot and set up camp while I played around with the camera and the wonderfully bright slanting light.

I pulled out my laptop and...

...what? What are you looking at me like that for? What do you mean you don't pack your laptop for a picnic? Luddite.

Anyway, I read Cluetrain to Matthew as he busily munched food with all the fervour of a geek who hasn't consumed anything in the last 30 minutes. He loved Cluetrain...of course.

A man walking a dog happened upon us and started chuckling.

"It's quite an extraordinary pastoral scene you two have going there."

Quite right. There we were, rugged against the wind and cold...scarves, gloves and coats on. Nestled into the mossy roots of a massive tree, hugging each other and mugs of steaming tea...and me reading about management theory from a wafer-thin silver laptop.

I love being a geek-by-association :)


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