Thursday, October 28, 2004

Purrfect pets


They're going to eat your children, make you break out in hives, ruin the habitat of the squish-faced-woodland-finch and eventually mutate into super-beings that can command your remote control. Really.

But first, they're going to sucker you in by being cute and stopping you from sneezing.

I'm talking about all that GM stuff, and it's a conspiracy, folks.

FIRST they give us things we want, all the things that will make our lives easier and better. All the things that we will be willing to part with money for because of their life-enhancing properties.

THEN one of the GM company bosses will take all those profits and will buy a leather high-backed chair, a ludicrously long conference table, an eye patch and will begin plans to Take Over The World.

I've seen it happen in numerous movies documentaries.

You have been warned.


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