Saturday, October 30, 2004

Gourmet ghoul

I don't like to brag, but....

Well, actually, I do like to brag. I'm going to the best Halloween party in London. Why? Well, dahhlinks, it's being catered by the Gastrobloggette herself.

Have a look at the food. And the desserts.

This woman makes me hungry every time I go near her blog. I've been hankering for a cheesy hot dog for days.

On a serious note, though, I really do love to read her blog because she and her contributors are such wonderful, wonderful cooks. Most importantly, they have diverse styles and approaches to food as well as each bringing the cuisine and habits of a different culture to bear on their recipes.

Cooking is a great skill and a pleasure. I love to have a look at what's on hand and see how I can combine the flavours and textures. This is only possible because of years of successes, failures and horrid mistakes. I now know what you can and can't do with egg, how to treat chocolate, how much salt to add just by sight, when to use vanilla essence, extract, sugar or pod and how to add milk to something hot without it curdling. I know which flavours can be happily combined to build on each-other and which provide a wonderful contrast to each-other.

Cooking for others is a great experience too - I love to make things for M and he does for me. Coming home to the smell of something wonderful bubbling away on the stove or crisping in the oven is a delight.

And, of course, the eating. Mmmmmm.....the eating.

Knowing how to cook well also heightens one's appreciation for other's cooking. You know how much effort has gone into the dish, you appreciate what a complex flavour has been created. You become picky as well as highly complimentary at restaurants.

I firmly believe that there is no-one who 'just can't cook'. We're not born with an innate ability to drive cars, program computers or grow plants either - they're all learned, refined skills.

I would keep going with this post, but I have to get my costume on and run. Be assured, it's nothing like this.


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