Monday, October 18, 2004

Food for thought

I've meant to see Super Size Me for a while now, simply because I'm rather interested in food and diet in general. The reviews of the film seemed favourable and to describe a balanced and interesting view put forth by the director, who subjected himself to a McDonald's-only diet for a month with horrendous results for his health.

Now I see that* the documentary may, indeed, be of the Michael Moore mould rather than the honest scientific experiment I thought it was.

It'll be interesting to see how long it takes for people to completely mistrust anything that comes out of Big Media's and Big Cinema's mouth, just like they would have done for the Internet years ago. Nowadays, it seems that the web based editorials, news and writing I visit bend over backward to substantiate facts or at least to try and ensure that what they are writing has been researched in some way. Supersizecon, indeed, uses good old fashioned science and critical thinking (remember those from school way back when it was still taught?) to critique 'Super Size Me'. There is no solid reputation to lean on, in fact, there is only a poor reputation to overcome.

The things I see on TV or read in newspapers, conversely, tend to still have an 'it's here so it's true' aura about them. There's only so long you can cruise on the goodwill of an old reputation, though.


* Hat tip to AnarCapLib.

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