Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Death to the goddamned Wahhabis, alright?

My social life seems to be running along the same schedules as the London Night Bus Network – an utter dearth of contact with friends followed by a week like the last which saw me heading out every night. Many posts are on scraps of paper written in a shuddering, lurching tube-influenced hand and will be posted over the next day or so.

The culmination was a Samizdata.net HQ dinner attended by a handful of regular contributors and those in the ‘other miscreants’ category. We were all, hell-bent on having a good time and thanks to the magical influence of Zubrowka, we did.

At one point in the evening, it was mentioned that this was the 3rd anniversary of September 11th. The table quickly lost its raucous quality as many shared their memories of the towers and their or friend’s near-misses with tragedy. One attendee had lost a childhood friend in the Bali bombings.

So we had a choice – we could be gloomy, predicting the imminent defeat of the freedom that we all held dear, we could be cynical and state that no matter the action it would all come to nothing, we could be cautiously offensive – sniping impotently at the few individual terrorists that have been identified in the world.

We choose a different course, one that I’m not ashamed of in any way. We lifted our glasses to a resounding cry of “Death to the Wahhabis!” Perry took a photograph and dashed upstairs to post it. We really thought nothing more of it until a few hours later when Perry happened to be checking the blog and the resulting comments to the new post.

It seems that some people weren’t too happy about the tone and intent of the post at all, seemingly squeamish about this impassioned outburst. Thing is, it wasn’t the time for a well-reasoned argument nor balanced debate. The cry wasn’t a statement of intent – it was far simpler than that. Here were a group of people acknowledging the fact that an atrocity had taken place and answering.

The answer was one, primarily, of affirmation of life. It could equally have been “Death to those who hold an ideology which instructs them to kill us” – but somehow that seems a little too PC and defanged to be any good. We were wishing for the elimination of those whose life’s purpose is to harm or destroy our mode of life, our culture and our freedom. The Wahhabi’s creed certainly fulfils those criteria. As far as I’m concerned, it was, psychologically, a damned healthy thing to do.

Objections were made to the fact that not all Wahhabis are violent, not all wish to cause harm, not all are strictly our enemies. A little bit of Googling reveals that Wahhabism is simply an extremely fundamental Unitarian sect of Islam and that they believe their way to be the ONLY way. This, frankly, tells me that anyone who identifies themselves as a Wahhabi sees me as immoral – probably as evil. Apparently, they also see the state solely as a method of enforcing their particular morality on others. This is a direct threat to me, to my life, to my values and to my freedom.

I’m not going to give credence to the moral relativists who will point fingers at me and state that I too have some idea of what the right way for humans to live is. Yes I do – it comes with the territory of independent and inquiring thought. Thing is, there’s no way that you can look at the Wahhabi’s brutal, horrendous, backward, patently foolish, mysticism-based ideology and say it’s just as good for human life as what I propose – freedom to do whatever you want to as long as you don’t use force or perpetrate fraud against another human.

If someone wants to be a socialist or a Christian or a Muslim or a hippie and live in some commune along with others that share his particular bent – so be it. If they want to live in society at large and hold those ideas then that’s just find and dandy as well. I lump people like that along with the foot fetishists and those who like to suspend themselves in the air from large meat hooks – I think it’s freakish and wrong but it’s your body and life not mine – enjoy. I’m certainly never going to ask the state to step in and stop you unless you try to force your ideas onto me.

Note the difference here – Wahhabis could live according to their values (well, all bar that niggly little ‘killing the infidels’ thing) happily in my society whereas I would be bundled in a tablecloth and forced to marry some misogynistic bastard in theirs. Have my own blog? I’d probably not even be allowed to learn to read in the first place.

Death to every single person who can be remotely connected with Wahhabism? Nope. Death to any Wahhabi who simply states that they hate Western values? Nahhh....it’s just an odd little habit of theirs. Death to any Wahhabi who actively works toward or funds action that harms others? Hell yes – pass them over, I’ll slit their throats myself.

What we did on Saturday night was right. We identified a broad class as our enemies and toasted to the triumph of our ideas. Anyone who understands the zealotry of the fundamentalists we are battling knows that the only viable way to stop most of these people is their death. We are at war, very much entrenched in it although it’s a type that Western civilization has rarely seen before. There may not be trenches and tanks, there may not be a convenient front line to send people to and sit back to watch, but there is no mistaking the fact that the battles are ongoing and that one side holds all the passion for the fight.

Our enemy has no qualms in toasting to our deaths. They have no concern in planning the enslavement of those who survive, binding them with superstitious nonsense masquerading as law. I don’t intend to hand civilization to these barbarians on a silver platter with my apologies for enjoying my lifestyle and my freedoms.

Death to the Wahhabis.


(Edits - factual error, 3rd, not 4th anniversary)

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