Tuesday, August 10, 2004

So, where was I?

Uh huh, this blog dissappeared for a couple of days. Where was it? Did I take my copy of the Hitchiker's Guide and decide that a couple of days of Pan-Galactic-Gargle-Blasting in some godforsaken corner of the Universe would be a good idea? If so, why did I take my blog with me?

No, sorry. I really wish the last couple of days were that damned exciting. Instead, they revolved around the blog...just...dissappearing.

First there was panic.
Then there was an email to Blogger support.
Then there was hope.
Then there was no reply.
Lots of sessions of copying the HTML from old posts (which were still available to me somehow) to Word and saving them in case they dissappeared too.
Still no reply. Time to send another email, right?
Then there was simmering resentment.
Then I realised I had nowhere to vent said resentment.
Then, discovery of TypePad.
An idea germinating.
Looking through this blog's control panel...discovering something interesting, my template code looked different...for one, all my agonisingly hand-coded additions were gone.
A clue as to what went wrong was forming.
More saving of old posts. One by one. This was tedious.
And now...today's experiment...plonk a new template on.

The blog is fixed.
My relationship with Blogger is as shaky as a Vegas chapel wedding in the cold morning light.

So the blog may move in the near future. Probably by the end of the week. Gorram it.

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