Sunday, August 15, 2004

The pits

There's something about passionate writing that I can't resist. Sometimes it makes me think, sometimes it makes me snort tea out my nose. This piece did both:

"The current British government is the worst collection of snoops, voyeurs, and Peeping Tonys in history. If their cold, damp, wriggling noses aren't right up your ass-crack, they don't think they're doing their job, which, judging from appearances, is to undo every great achievement in history of which the British people might otherwise be proud.

Not content with merely obliterating Mankind's most productive and progressive exercise in private capitalism and letting the socialism they gave as a substitute destroy what was once arguably the greatest civilization in the world, they now wish to establish their particular brand of ninnyhood all over the planet. The most recent place they've chosen to leave their vile slimetrails is the former paradise called Pitcairn. ...."

Rest of article...

I consider the freedom to own and carry guns (and knives and shuriken and swords and slightly sharpened spoons for that matter...) to be such a fundamental one that it always comes as a surprise to see the vehemence with which nanny staters oppose it.

Perhaps they know that an armed populace would be far less prone to surrendering other fundamental freedoms daily - as we do now. Perhaps they know we wouldn't be content with wars of words anymore.

Interestingly enough, Machiavelli himself understood the need to allow the populace arms:

"But a prince who disarms his subjects will at once offend them, by thus showing that he has no confidence in them, but that he suspects them either of cowardice or of want of loyalty, and this will cause them to hate him." (The Prince)

In the end, this just means our politicians don't understand the fundamental art of statesmanship. A rope they will eventually dangle from.

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Hat tip to Russell Whitaker for the links.

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