Monday, August 30, 2004


On food & pronunciation:

He: “What are you eating?”

Me: “Orrives”

He: “Eh?”

Me: “Orrives”

He: “WHAT?”

Me: “ORRIVES!” (brandishing bowl)

He: “Oh, olives

…as if I were one of those slow children who still said things like ‘excape’ instead of ‘escape’. I don’t need help with pronunciation, it’s just that you *can’t* say the word ‘olives’ with olives in your mouth.

On coding:

It’s addictive.

Little by little, I change things in my blog. As soon as one change is successfully made, I look to something else I can do. Something else to tweak or fiddle with.

The projects are becoming bigger, badder and braver. I am rather loathe to imagine where it will all end, but if pressed I envisage a blog that will make my readers a cup of coffee and spit out a biscuit (or a cookie for the Americans) depending on which radio button (chocolate chip, ginger nut, low carb) is clicked.

On music to code by:

Start with the Tomb Raider soundtrack – this gives you enough impetus to keep going when your newbiness gets you in a whole world of trouble.

Refine the code with Rory’s music. Channel his abilities. Become mellow* and at one with the geeky universe.

Admire your creation in silence. Start wondering what people with smaller screens are going to see. Drop your resolution back to 640x480. Almost fall off chair. Say ‘*&^% it’ and decide that people who really love you will upgrade their monitors.

* But not so mellow as not to notice that there are only TWO songs. Two really good songs. Two songs that get under the skin and leave you wondering where the rest of the CD is.

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