Wednesday, August 04, 2004

A good day

I'm having a good blogosphere browsing day.

Today, I found that a minister in Georgia finally gets the whole "freedom from tyrrany and government legislation will allow your country to thrive and prosper" meme.

I was so impressed that I immediately had a look for tours of the country. This is a beautiful site that is tempting me to start planning my journey.

I'm not even daunted by the fact that the Lonely Planet dangers list for the country include "landmines and a high incidence of kidnapping". Bah. I want to ride a tax-free mule across the plains, feel the unregulated-for-emissions wind in my hair and sample the produce from an OHS-less factory. If I can hire a gun for the week to strap to my thigh, all the better. I like to unwrap the cotton wool once in a while and remember what life really should be like.

I also have my faith in human ingenuity bolstered by Rory's ingenious plan to create the 'Seedless Chihuaha'.

Yes indeedy, a good day so far.


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