Thursday, August 12, 2004

Go for bold

C just sent me an email alerting me to a beautifully written story in the Times by Simon Barnes.

"Let us take Svetlana Khorkina. She is a Russian gymnast and a diva of the tenth dan. At 5ft 5in, she is a giant in the land of pixies. With her build, with her nature, gymnastics becomes an all-or-nothing venture. She lacks the advantages of the midgets, who can somersault almost without leaving the ground. Khorkina has no margin for error: her height exaggerates every small imperfection. But when she pulls off a move, her build and her nature give her a languorous grace and startling perfection that the four-foot-tenners can’t begin to dream of."


"Swimmers lack the head-turning, muscle-popping physique of the sprinters on the track, and are the more pleasing because of this. The bodies, of both sexes, are sleekly purposeful. Their thrilling, near-naked perfection is wonderful, yet the swimmers have no thought of it in those tense seconds before the start. The unselfconscious nature of this physical beauty is, in itself, not without a whiff of Tabasco. "

Hmmm, let me to the diving comps are only €210...

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