Friday, August 27, 2004

Gmail down

For some reason, my main gmail account is on the fritz, even though my secondary is just fine.

For those few of you who have my gmail account and would like to communicate with me today (tomorrow? next week? who knows how long this is going to go on)'s the cryptic clue:

"Take the part past the point to it's natural conclusion."

You think about that and apply it to my old address, it's really quite simple to figure from there.

And while we're at it:

"The pigeon flies at 6 o'clock"
"My mother's scarf is blue"
"The well was parched, not dry"

Which, for those in the know is secret agent speak for:

"A brainfood post is on it's way"
"I have a lot on my plate"
"InDesign is slowly driving me to a point closer to 'homicidal maniac' than I would ever have wanted or imagined"

That's it, really. Pick up your microdot on the way out.


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