Monday, August 16, 2004


There are some things you just don’t believe about yourself – and then you see proof. I would say I have a ‘mild tendency’ to boss people around. M would snort at such a benign description and tell you that I would tell the pope how to perform mass.

Today, I needed some new headshots for something and M kindly agreed (was told to) do them.

When I downloaded them, I realised that…umm…roughly 40% had me mid-order, mid-suggestion or mid-boss.

“Hey Matthew, how about we stand up, these sitting down ones are probably going to look silly” (No, I have no idea how they will look. I can’t see them. I just…know.)

“Just move over there like that. Uh huh. Then stand on one foot. Yeah. Then rotate a little to the left so that you’re shooting from profile. You’re about 3 degrees too far North…”

“What? WHAT? Whaaat? I don’t know what you’re on about – I AM keeping my mouth shut long enough for you to take a photo. Here, I’ll prove it.”

“Omigod…I can’t, I just can’t. I have an idea. Maybe if I just hold back and wait. Yes, that’s it. No-one will be able to tell that I’m dying to say something.”

“What? I ruined that one too? Yeesh….sorry. Ok, Ok, I’ll just learn to shut this part of my anatomy. This part right here.”

“Maybe if I don’t look at you I won’t try to interfere…ooop, nope, still got those ideas coming.”

“Oh, I give up!”

And there you have it, in between those were some useful shots, some pretty nice ones actually. I also learnt that…umm…perhaps I’m a little obnoxious sometimes:)

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