Saturday, July 24, 2004

Feeling Lucky?

I'm often stuck for a good phrase to wish someone well in an endeavour. I really don't like saying 'Good luck' as I don't believe in the fairies-and-universal-energy type luck that most people refer to. I don't like abusing the language and saying such an empty, useless, meaningless phrase seems to be one of the worst abuses one can perpetrate.

The concept of luck is also an insult to those who have truly earned what they have. It's an easy way for others to write off hard work and perseverance as merely a kiss on the forehead from the fates.

You see, I find it invariably true that 'luck' strikes those that are well prepared to receive its bounty. By preparedness I mean that they have educated themselves, unerringly pointed themselves in the direction of choice and put themselves forward again and again as a person who desires the chosen end result. I'm as unsurprised by these kinds of people being struck by ‘luck’ as I am by the tallest grounded antenna being struck by lightning.

Unfortunately, the luck we hear sensationalised in the news is the luck of the undeserving - the lottery win, the shock inheritance, the easy game show win. It sells precisely BECAUSE it's undeserving. It only serves to give hope to those who think there's an easy gain somewhere.

Anyhow, it’s almost 5am and sleep would be an attractive option. I find that lucidity, somehow, increases my chances of being lucky in the morning.


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