Friday, July 09, 2004

Apolitical Correctness

Update: Colin, an honest to goodness real American (I've not met that many, you know. Some weren't even 'real' Americans - just having lived there for a couple of years and picked up the accent. No, Colin is a REAL American replete with an accent that makes me grin and inexplicable cravings for food of particular colours like 'pink' flavour and 'purple' flavour. He also introduced me to the fascinating concept of 'cheese food'...anyway...) has decided to bestow his benevolence on my non-detail-orientedness and provide a source for the last post.

I like Colin. I like surrounding myself with people like Colin who tut-tut and tsk at my scatterbrainedness at certain things and correct me - sometimes they pat me on the head if they can reach.

Anyway, here's the proper source.

...and a toast to the variety of people and temperaments in the world.

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