Thursday, June 03, 2004

The world is my petri dish (or: What my husband has to deal with on a regular basis)

A sunny Perth day, walking along the street, deep into a conversation on overly-rehashed sayings...

He: "The world is your oyster."

I: "I prefer petri-dish."

He: *quizzical look*

I: "Oysters are fine and well. A little slimy for my liking. Consider – best case scenario you find a pearl – which isn’t such a big deal considering that a single pearl isn’t going to make you helipad-and-Manolo wealthy."

He: "And a petri-dish is somehow better?"

I: "Oh yes. Not so much the dish, but what one finds –in- the dish."

He: "Which is?"

I: "Proddable things."

He: "Has this something to do with us heading towards a Scientology centre?"

I: *points to sign* "Proddable things. Stimulus – response. Fill out the personality test with your favorite serial killer in mind and watch their response. Make fun of their tin-can-o-meter and watch their response. Ask how their thetan is doing this morning and see if you’re thrown out. Isn’t that –much- more fun that going to a movie?"

He: *Slightly resigned to his fate* "So this is going to be enjoyable?"

I: *big grin* "Ohhhh yes..."

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