Monday, June 21, 2004

Running commentary

Dear Technically Literate (read: Wonderfully Geeky) Readers,

I really need to investigate a different commenting system. It let me down completely today - now I can't see the comments for 'Random Beauty' at all.

Besides which, I don't get emails to tell me I have comments, so I have to trawl through things, trying to remember if this post had 3 comments yesterday and if that one had 11 or 12.

Whining aside - does anyone have a recommendation that can slot into my Blogger account? (I don't like the native Blogger system as you would all have to sign up for a Blogger account to leave your thoughts for me).

Ideally I would also like it to have:

* A preview pane
* HTML capabilities for those of you who really want to make a point
* A screen bigger than a gnat's kneecap for typing into - I realise the present one is a bit small

Might be an idea to send your recommendations to my feedback email rather than leave a comment here....just in case the Comments thingy I have is properly dead.


(P.S: Andy - I know that hosting my own domain and using Movable Type would solve not only my problems, but the entire world's. I know. I just want to fix my little shuttle rather than have to learn to pilot a whole ship. Capiche? Wanted to make that one clear as I could almost sense you rubbing your hands with glee and anticipation at another forthcoming MT lecture.)

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