Sunday, June 20, 2004


Today's orkut fortune:
You are next in line for promotion in your firm.



What's higher than Founder/CEO/Grand Poobah?

I'd also like to know who makes this decision. I have visions of scenarios that go something like this:

- Monica wakes up in morning.

- *brushing teeth* "I think I'm going to promote that Monica person. She works hard and looks good in a skirt."

- Gets to office and looks in mirror, asks self to a meeting, tells self to give self 20 mins as there's an urgent phonecall to be made.

- Waits for self.

- Sits down with self for an open and honest discussion about career prospects and future goals.

- Gives self new title involving the words:

* Distribution
* Area
* Europe
* Coordinator
* Regional
* International
* Sales
* Director
* Critical

Something like:

“Director for International Regional Area Coordination of Critical Sales and Distribution - Europe”

- Enters into protracted negotiations about salary. Is offended by own offer. Rebuffs mention of need to develop 'interpersonal skills'.

- Defers discussions to HR (self) for later in the week.

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