Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Matthew’s gold box

Apparently I don’t know that much about my husband. His Amazon gold box – claiming to be full of his innermost desires at a paltry discount if he BUYS NOW – is just freaky.

Case in point – he CLAIMS to dislike Mac, yet his box has the “Mac OS X: The Missing Manual, Second Edition” as a solid contender for his purchasing affections.

He CLAIMS to be an atheist, yet his gold box coos that “The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language” might be just the thing for him. Based on all the Ayn Rand and Lassiez Faire economics books he’s bought, no doubt.

He CLAIMS to be a sys admin, but I find that the box knows better, offering him “Molecular Biology of the Cell” as a tasty treat.

If you ask me (And why not? I seem to have an opinion on everything.) I think that this is just the shite that they can’t shift any other way. They’ve shackled on a random item generator with Mystic Meg aspirations and voila! Your gold box. Looks far more like pyrite from where I’m standing.

What a shame – what a waste of a great opportunity for the business to sell.

We’re all fascinated by ourselves – why else take all those online tests such as ‘which LOTR character/transformer/evil mastermind/popstar/garden shrub are you’? Why all the interest in MBTI? Why do otherwise rational people read astrological projections for the day?

Amazon had a great chance to datamine customers based on what they had already bought and offer things that were of genuine interest. Instead M and I are constantly bombarded with offers that we can only say ‘huh???’ to. There is no way we’re going to buy what's offered – not even curiosity can drive me that far away from my taste in reading, viewing and musical material.

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