Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Knit wit

C and I have had a great day packing and listening to godawful snippets from this site. Amongst gems such as ‘The Bathrooms are Coming’ (the bathroom, where a woman wants to ‘...cream and dream….and cream and dream…..' and, well I think you get the point) and ‘How to Marry Rich’ (‘Keep the accessories in your purse accessible and attractive, don’t carry around a lot of junk.’) comes:

The Kathy Anderson Listen and Learn Knitting Album
"...insert the tip of the right hand needle – going in a left to right direction – through the front of the new stitch on the left needle. with the right needle beneath the left needle and pointing away from you. The two needles will cross each other about one inch from their points. Keep the yarn behind the needles. Hold both needles between fingers of left hand. With your right hand, take the long strand of the yarn, bring it up from behind the needles and over the tip of the right needle, ending with the yarn between the two crossed needles. Hold the right needle and the yarn firmly in your right hand..."
Uh huh, I think I’m getting the hang of this, all you have to do is take the right needle and needle it with the left needle, ensuring that your needle is needled with your left hand which is also holding the yarn and the right needle three inches from the left needle which is held in your right hand. Move the yarn in a counterclockwise direction, creating a loop with your body and the left needle held in your right foot. Twirl the yarn with your index finger and pass it through the loop on the left needle. Take the right needle and pass it through the loop only halfway, taking up the first loop as you go. Lower your right foot to the floor and repeat, using your left foot.

I’m planning on knitting a scarf for the blog. Pink? Grey? Lilac? Perhaps a tribute from the time of this record – brown and orange?

Alright, so maybe not. Back to taping up boxes and rediscovering stuff I forgot I owned.

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