Monday, June 07, 2004

A brief note of thanks...

Well, it's the end of my first blogging week and it's certainly been an interesting ride.

Some thanks are due, most notably to Andy, Andy, Steven, Rory, Russell, Nicholas, Colin and the Overlord at Samizdata for letting people know this blog existed. As a result, my traffic was rather silly for a while and I think has finally settled into what it should be for such a baby.

I've always written down thoughts, usually on scraps of convenient paper at the time. It seems like some of the best writing I've done is on greasy food wrapping and squished on tiny sugar packets. This blog was a way for me to have somewhere to collate everything and share it with my friends - who would usually get an email with random rants from me a couple of times a week. I like this system far more as i'ts a 'pull' technology rather than a 'push' medium. In other words, those who want it go get it, those who don't stay away.

For those of you who do come here, read what I write, enjoy it and especially to those who leave comments or tell someone else about it - thank you.


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