Tuesday, June 15, 2004


A few interesting things I observed today:


I was looking at my stats and decided to have a looky at where my traffic comes from. Click on 'referrals', uh huh - a few surprises amongst which is the fact that I'm the top site for Googling the words:

funny baby bib slogans car


I dislike babies. I dislike funny signs on cars. I dislike baby bibs with funny little slogans. This phenomenon has to be dumped into the 'Unknowable things life throws at me' basket.

I love going to thrift stores and buying books. Today's haul included To Kill a Mockingbird and James Dyson's autobiography.

The curious thing about this particular thrift store is that they seem to sell things by weight. Not intentionally, mind you, but the bigger the book, the more expensive it is. The thicker the tome, the bigger the pile of change it's worth.

Trashy romances canoodle with tracts on coding. Cookbooks from the days of using lard slouch next to Tom Clancy novels. Yet all of this stuff is valued by how much it is pulled toward the earth by gravity.

I really shouldn't complain about the old biddies that run the store, they're very cute in a nutty and mothball-smelly way. I picked up a box of Dreamweaver 2 software and they tittered amongst themselves. I think I must have been the first person to express any interest in it. When I pulled out my phone to ask M some technical questions, I could hear the gasps and "Ooooh!"'s in the background. Perhaps I used the words 'site map'. I kinda felt like a wizard in a village that had only just become accustomed to fire. It was like I suddenly whipped out a novice-level spell and left the inhabitants in awe. At that point in time, I could have told them I did the coding on Deep Blue and they would have believed me (once I had fully explained what deep blue (and possibly chess) is).

I also came across the book 'Swan' by Naomi Campbell. Who gave that girl a working pen in the first place? So bad I'm still reeling.


I realised I wasn't looking forward to writing anymore. How very curious, I usually love it.

Suddenly, writing something for the blog seemed like a chore on par with washing the dishes.

Shone a torch into the deepest recesses of my soul and realised that I had begun censoring myself now that I had an audience. Looking at what garnered attention and subconsciously doing the businesschick thing of "Oh, we'll need some more stock of that - it's just flying off the shelf. Stop with that soppy self-reflection though, I don't think anyone's buying."

Not that I don't appreciate you all coming here, but I suspect you come here to read what I want to write, not what I write thinking it's what you want to read.

So more soppy self reflection. It might get a little random. What the hell, I might end up just writing for myself as all of you meander over to greener, more politicized pastures.

Shall see how this thing unfolds. I feel like a small, squeaky thing in my own petri dish now. Stimulus - response. Change expectations - lets see what the output is going to be like.

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