Saturday, May 29, 2004

They just spring out at you...

...don't they?

On the street, in shopping centres (malls, for you Americans), at the most innocuous gathering.

I am talking, of course, about Jesus Freaks and their Eternal Caravan of Conversion.

I'm actually quite rude to them - I don't believe in discrimination, so I treat them like I would anyone else.

Rory Blyth, unfortunately, has a few religious nutters reading his that when he laughs off an attack of the biblically inclined, he gets comments galore as to his gall.

I particularly like his point (nestled in amongst the bristling hairs of the offended christian commentary) - that:

"I also get tired of the notion that it's OK for people to approach and push others to accept a religion, but that it *isn't* OK to react negatively to the pushers."


It's fine to curse those who don't believe in your particular little fantasy or proclaim a jihad at the top of your lungs - but heaven help those who stand up to the religious with as much strength and vehemence as the religious utilize themselves.

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