Friday, May 28, 2004

Simpsons V Futurama

Same creators, similar drawing style, similar humour. But not the same, not the same.

You see, I've observed that whilst the Simpsons made fun of white trash very effectively, it was white trash that loved it. Look at the popularity, look at the goddamned merchandise. Who the hell else buys talking figurines, themed lunchboxes and t-shirts with overused slogans?

The Simpsons was okayish as far as TV went for a while, then it became predictable & formulaic. Ho hum.

Futurama, on the other hand, never lost the edge. It had more of an edge to go on in the first place. The humour was intelligent, the characters fully (and partially) functioning adults. The themes dark.

Futurama episodes scooted over the heads of most Simpsons watchers like so many ambitiously thrown frisbees.

Popularity contests aren't always worth winning.

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