Friday, May 28, 2004

Leicester Square

Leicester Square was filled with humanity today - and not really the kind that I like.

Essex girls out for the night in white stiletto thigh high boots and belts masquerading as skirts. A cigarette loosely held in one hand and matching shiny white leatherette handbag in the other is the added touch that shows them for what they really are - unpaid hookers.

The 'boys', the 'yobs', the 'blokes' who think that yelling out 'oi! nice tits!' and 'ey! ey! ey! *whistle*' will make me swoon. I wish that there were enough time and silence on the street for me to verbally strip these children down to their football printed jocks, alas there never is.

The men hanging around theatres with long coats, shifty eyes and gravelly voices repeating the mantra: 'cheap tikkits'. I always feel like I've just been offered an ounce of coke rather than scalped entry to the latest rehashed boy-meets-girl storyline set to muzak.

30-something slags who think they deserve a man just because they're there, dammit...and because the latest self-help book they skimmed on the morning's tube ride told them in no uncertain terms that they were worthwhile human beings. Being so drunk you can barely stand is apparently evidence of their newly empowered/enlightened state.

There is some humanity I do like though - the people I was with. Their companionship, joviality and conversation made the aforementioned crowd seem to be merely a colourful backdrop to a great night out.

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