Monday, May 31, 2004

der Anfang

After months of threatening it, I have finally started a blog.

I suspect that this announcement will be met with many shrugged shoulders and expressions of :

“Congratulations, babe, do you know how many people have blogs? My postman has a blog. My mother has a freakin’ blog – where have you BEEN the last couple of years?”

Yes, yes, I understand that this is not a wholly new phenomenon for the world at large, but it’s a new one for ME, which is what really counts here. Me, my reactions to the world, my reactions to you and whilst we’re at it - please don’t call me ‘babe’. Thank you.

Anyhow, the reason it’s taken me so long to get one of these contraptions is that I set rather high standards – for myself and for others. I read other’s blogs and I know what annoys me. Namely, people not posting often enough and/or not posting things of quality.

Now, I don’t mind people posting once a week or couple of weeks if that post is worth reading – Colin Gregory Palmer does that all the time – and I know that I have to wait a while between doses, so I don’t check daily and gnash my teeth in frustration.

It’s those that start off well, at a consistent pace, get you used to reading their musings and rantings daily or every couple of days….then….abruptly….take a week’s hiatus only to return with a post of such poor quality, you wish they just hadn’t bothered.

Belle de Jour pulled that kind of a swifty and I’m none too impressed. Her early writings were interesting, salacious and *cough* instructive. Nowadays, it seems that she thinks people are interested in anything she writes because she wrote it. Not me, not anymore.

Having a good arm for throwing bricks, I wanted to ensure I didn’t reside in a glass blog – so I had to ensure that I could commit to some sort of schedule and some sort of quality. And here’s my blog all shiny and new – which means I’ve decided that there’s some chance of me keeping it interesting and posting every couple of days.

I’ve gathered bits and pieces from my orkut scrapbook and a couple of things written a while ago and posted them over the last couple of days so that this blog doesn’t look too anorexic.

Nothing quite like a one-post:

“Well, here I am world!” *Looks around* “Erm, yeah – I have a blog now…welcome….pull up a….oh, hold on, no chairs yet”…affair.

The post below re: the London Road Race was specially written for the start of the blog. In fact, it was written DURING the run to keep my mind from it’s “What the hell am I DOING here?” thoughts. Think of it as a commemorative post.

Oh, and before I forget – welcome!


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