Friday, May 28, 2004

Cultural conundrum

I like to try all the local stuff when in a new country. I've eaten all kinds of parts from all kinds of animals and so far, nothing has really put me off.

It's eating the rather regular parts from rather regular animals ... but cooked in a special, special way that is making me all afeared. The great British tradition of The Greasy Spoon.

I've seen these establishtments, filled with extras from Eastenders in aprons and with fags hanging out of their mouths as they vigorously chop into something sinuous and patently inedible. Moreover, I've smelt them. Egads. There's a particularly offensive one in Walthamstow selling jellied eels amongst it's other treats.

Thing is, everyone of non-isle descent that I have spoken to about said cuisine describes it with the same aversion and horror that they might a root canal procedure. Some even make faces and hacking, choking noises.

*sigh* what to do.

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