Saturday, May 29, 2004

The art of being a good wife

Many women will simper their way down the aisle for that magical talisman - the wedding ring - then forget that the wedding isn't so much the end of a courtship as it is the beginning of a marriage.

So what does it mean to be a wife? Is just existing next to your husband enough? What's the difference between a mediocre wife and a great one? (Let's not pretend that there's no scale here, no way of measuring. Some women are wonderful partners, some are shrews.)

How about looking to someone who was, by all accounts, an exceptional wife. Glennis Yeager, wife of Chuck Yeager, had to contend with the daily fear that her husband may not come home alive. She is the subject of an article by Leanne Bell:

"But what makes her a great woman and an even greater wife was not that she was willing to sacrifice her husband to something grander and more important than either of them; what made her great was the fact that she loved her husband enough to allow him to pursue his own passion in life, regardless of how it affected her. She respected and admired him enough to know that a marriage vow didn't mean he was shackled to her wishes for life, and that if he chose to do something she found frightening or difficult, she wouldn't impose those fears on him. When asked whether she ever considered asking him not to fly again, particularly after a flight in which ejecting to save his life had badly burned the side of his face, she replied that she wouldn't have dared, it would have been like asking him to cut off his arm." Read Entire Article

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